Eminem – Acapella Freestyle on The Backroom

Embedded in the video above is a Freestyle from Eminem during an appearance on The Backroom. I believe it was done back in 2013.

Here is the transcript of what Eminem freestyled:

Ayo can we cut this beat off
I might need to do this acapella, yo
Role model?
I’ll roll a model down a hill over broke bottles of coke products
If she don’t swallow, and tie her to the bumper, hit the throttle
While I’m tryna hit the pot holes, I’ll freaking take Madonna to McDonalds
Any ho’ll end up horizontal gettin’ fondle
I don’t cuddle, I don’t coddle
Only motto that I follows any thing I drive, whether its a Navajo or a Tahoe
Its got a ho in it
Nah ho, I don’t got no freaking bronco
You looking for a buck, get a horse, fuck Tonto
I got a rusty Hondo with a bondo
And a box of condoms you little blond ho
Fuck me? fuck you too, like I’m at Bonnaroo booing Bono
And I ain’t from this planet so nanu, nana, nanu
I’m intolerable, too volatile, screw it I don’t got too make honor roll
To be on a roll
I don’t know much, what I do know I do it pronto though
So knock it off, all these knock off me’s,
The last thing the world needs is another me
But if you think this is part 2 to Recovery
Or Love The Way You Lie part twelve
Or something heart felt, you bout to make a discovery
Like you found Christopher Columbus’ compass
Ain’t dumbing shit down for you dumb motherfuckers, so suck it
I took your best punchline like a punch in the stomach
That punctured a lung punk and I’m still functioning from it
Chump it was nothing
Now watch while I fuckin’ one up it and toot my own horn
Once I think of something to trump it
And I don’t need a fucking instrument to sound off
Like the trunk of an elephant. The triumphant
Return of the ether spitting retard, reborn
But chances of you having another re-birth, slim to none
Like a skinny Mother Teresa, give a fuck if its Easter, so kiss my keister
Cus that’s the only thing I’ll turn the other cheek for