Eminem Teaches Jimmy Kimmel How to Rap – Briefcase Joe

Eminem Teaches Jimmy Kimmel How to Rap – Briefcase Joe

Embedded in the video, Eminem and Jimmy Kimmel do the Briefcase Joe skit…

Here are the lyrics for the song:

Yo! one’s going to all my homies in Sherman Oaks! (I know people there!)

Yeah this is going out to those 2 jerks from Junior High School who called me Briefcase Joe. Guess what? Now it’s come to past that it’s turned out to be a good thing for me.

Yeah, tell ’em.

Yo here I go they call me Briefcase Joe
I write my lyrics down for a keepsake yo
On the microphone, here’s the beats they go
You could be the rapper I’m the DJ yo
My lyrics just erupt like a volcano
Everywhere I walk when I talk they know

I flipping it, dippin it, trippin it, rippin it
Hit ’em with venom in ’em, I
give them an enema
then hit em up right in front of the cinema
skin them alive
rocking the party as soon as the women arrive
then I’mma drive a stake in their heart
and squirt lemon in their eyes

[Chorus] – [Eminem]
Jigga jigga jigga..
Briefcase Joe
They called him, they called him Briefcase Joe

[Jimmy][In background]
Briefcase Joe.. Briefcase Joe..

Jigga jigga jigga..
His name is, his name is Briefcase Joe

He don’t carry that briefcase to the school no more

[Jimmy][In background]
Briefcase Joe.. Briefcase Joe..

My testicles are vegetable
They’re going to Mexico
They’re on a… ?

[Repeat Chorus]
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