50 Cent Explains Why Eminem Is Underrated

50 Cent Explains Why Eminem Is Underrated

50 Cent says that Eminem, who has sold more albums than any other artist in the history of rap, is underrated. “Em is really underrated because people always speak of it as’ white rapper Eminem, instead of just ‘rapper’, “50 said in an interview with Noisey.

Asked if he feels that Eminem is still underestimated today, 50 Cent explains his position. “Yes, because the business of skin color is still there,” he said.

“He has so many skills and is much more street than many people there, people still put skin color before anything else and do not give him enough credit.’s Like people saying that Elvis Presley was famous only because was white. He had, you know, the rhythm of James Brown, but he had his own business. It was Elvis. He was not just a white man. things like that will be raised among blacks and whites and anyone. means that not a person is not great because they are influenced by something associated with another race. That does not matter. ”

50 Cent said that Eminem helped him find a “better off” Ambition Animal after his departure from Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records.

“It was a decision we made ​​because I was taking too long,” 50 said. “It was a good thing, however.’s In a little used their influence to help me find a better situation for the album, but it all worked out for the best. Ambition Animal I’m launching now, and Street King Immortal will still leave this year, but I felt that Animal Ambition was important to me because it shows what I’m doing now. “