Backlash from Fans Over Eminem’s Wembley Performance

Backlash from Fans Over Eminem’s Wembley Performance

According to reports, there was bad sound quality on the set of Eminem’s Wembley performances on both Friday and Saturday night and many fans are feeling like they were robbed and want their money back. Gigwise reported:

“Eminem’s second Wembley Stadium show took place last night (12 July), but was once again marred by sound issues which left many fans demanding their money back. The sound issues were first reported by fans and critics after the first of Eminem’s shows on 11 July, with Club Wembley tweeting to assure fans that they were “aware of sound issues”, and that they will “update you in due course.”

The venue responded to the fans’ concerns and apologized for the experience.

Their report continued, “The account then directed many unhappy fans to email [email protected], but the email response they received, which merely said that “best efforts were made to rectify sound and to contact promoters”, before apologising for the inconvenience, was not enough for those who felt their experience was ruined.”

Eminems’s longtime mentor Dr. Dre shared a moment at the show heading into the weekend.

According to DirectLyrics, Eminem became last night (July 11th) the first rapper ever to headline Wembley Stadium in London. The 90,000-capacity venue is to be the ‘home’ of the Detroit MC during two consecutive days, Friday and Saturday, as part of a mini UK tour. At the opening show, Eminem performed all of his hits and sent his thousands of fans to frenzy. However, the highlight came when Em’ brought out his mentor Dr. Dre. The ‘Beats’ headphones boss performed a few classics including “Still Dre” or “Forgot about Dre”.

Despite the high-profile event, reports claimed fans were left unsatisfied with Slim Shady.

There were those who didn’t love Eminem’s first Wembley concert, though. The Telegraph’s Neil McCormick was sent to Wembley to review the “Monster” rapper’s spectacle, and what did he think of it? “Fans should demand their money back” is the headline of his article, so you can deduce he didn’t love it, ha. He blasted the poor quality sound system.

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  • I was there on the Saturday and the sound was shockingly bad I couldnt even make out what they were saying when they were just talking without music. I am not unsatisfied with eminem its not his fault the venue is aapparently not suitable for concerts. I want to see eminem again whereas I will NEVER go to Wembley stadium again and will warn anyone off ever goin there for a concert.
    I am gutted Wembley ruined what would have been a dream come true for me

  • Aaron Mayers

    I dont see how so many people are complaining because on the 12th of July was the best night of my life not only did i see my Idol in the flesh but i heard him aswell he brought it on both nights as farr as i could see, stop complaining and be greatful he came to the UK for us and your all complaining, If he ever comes back to the UK i will be going again and again and again hes just amazing thank you Eminem, Dr Dre and Mr Porter for the outstanding performance.

  • yoliyu

    well ,I don’t understand why people have to be so silly , in a big concert like this sometime technical issues happen. it’s not easy and no fucking one can say nothing bad of this amazing and historical concert it was the best time of my life. I love you slim shady. Thank you very much. The Lord bless you and protect you. mua!

  • It’s a shame that many fans couldn’t hear because of the poor sound. You would’ve thought that the organizers of this fabulous event didn’t learn the lessons of Friday 11th July, which upset so many fans. I’m surprised that event organizers didn’t seem to have worked the sound etc ready for Saturday 12th July, hence more “FED-UP” Fans. I attended on Saturday, but I have to say, what a brilliant concert! Eminem at his best. It was WOW, I thoroughly it & was able to hear everything so clearly, I didn’t have any issues with the audio sound systems, for me, I had a ball, the best £99 I’ve spent this year!!!

  • Matthew

    I can understand where many people are coming from regarding the sound quality. However, I paid for standing seats and my experience was immense. I also had friends seated either side of the stage and they also said they could hear the lyrics and tracks without a problem. Unfortunately, there are some ‘fans’ who have jumped on the bandwagon and quite simply enjoyed but now want to try and reclaim their money. I have listened to Eminem since 1999, I have wanted to see him from day one and done everything possible to see him perform at V festival and at Wembley. I actually saw a comment on Twitter where someone said they were shocked at the quality and were expecting the sound to be like a CD! For me, If you love Eminem and have followed him from the beginning, being at Wembley was all about witnessing him break records. The atmosphere was amazing because we feared we may not see him on our shores again. Also, Eminem apparently with held the highlights of his V festival performance as he was not pleased with the sound. All the moaning may have just deprived his real fans the opportunity of buying the Wembley Gig on DVD.