Backstory Behind The Cover of Eminem’s REVIVAL Album

Backstory Behind The Cover of Eminem’s REVIVAL Album

As seen in the photo below, Eminem resembles this status of Cain in the cover for his forthcoming REVIVAL album.

For those not aware, Cain is a biblical figure, son of Adam and Eve, who killed his brother. This status shows Cain ashamed of what he did to his brother. Cain is sometimes referred to as the originator of evil and violence.

How does this relate to Eminem? Well, Eminem is accused of making children and adults who listen to his music become evil and violent. Eminem may be ashamed of the damage of what he has done to “kill” his brothers and sisters (people who listen to his music). Some even go as far as to point the blame on Eminem for one of the reasons that the United States is racist and divided.

The belief is RIVIVAL could be an indie to all the damage he has caused to improve the state in which the United States is in.

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