Bad News for Eminem

Bad News for Eminem

Winners at the 2014 BET Hip-Hop awards were announced and Eminem didn’t win any award, he was nominated in 3 major awards.

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  • Sweet

    They suck anyways. EMINEM IS ON A WHOLE ‘NOTHA LEVEL… so far beyond anyone else that was nominated or who won. It would have set the standard way too high if Em won a BET award…cause no one else compares or even comes close. So for BET..#NoLove. Smh!

  • sara frias

    that’s stupid how could have not won any, head lights was a very wonderful song cuz because he doesn’t rap about money tf

  • yoliyu

    Well we all know that in the generation we are now is more important the superficial than the original and real. That’s why music artist this days r all about money , showing their bodies and be with not souls. My dear friend Marshall u don’t have to win anything else cos u r from different generation. I love you and respect you with all my heart. The Lord bless you and protect you. ♡♥♡

  • Caleb Kay

    Eminem Is a F*****G LEGEND!!!!! Let Me Guess….. one of the Shitty new school autotune fakes got the award? What The Hell?

  • Afraz

    First of all Eminem doesn’t rap for awards he don’t give a f**k about awards. He raps because he love to do. So if he doesn’t won any awards we don’t give a f**k cause we all know he’s a RAP GOD!! AND WE ALL LOVE HIM! ❤✌