Big Eminem Tour Coming Up?

Big Eminem Tour Coming Up?

Snoop Dogg says Tour With Dr. Dre, Eminem & Kendrick Lamar May Happen. We will keep you posted if we receive more details.

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  • yoliyu

    I hope it is not bullshit to get the attention of someone. I Really wish that it’s true and you can do great concerts for all the Stan family. The next time I have the privilege to go to one of your concerts, I will get a vip tickets to tell you few things in your face and I will do the biggest underground Stan family reunion and I will make the money to pay for you to rap in this party and all the money I will make I will make you Mr asshole put it inside your new twat mug idiot wifey and I will be watching you do it. I wish that you wish to meet me, my dear friend Marshall. ? ? ?

  • Bas

    YES youre absolutetly right. yoliyu
    I Hope that EM will do an EUROPEAN tour, I’ve seen every concert of EM, But only not in real life. Meet EM in real life is a life dream of me and an concert is good enough.