Big Update on Eminem’s Verse on the “Revenge” Track

Big Update on Eminem’s Verse on the “Revenge” Track

We have received more details regarding Pink’s “Revenge” track featuring Eminem. Here is what we know about the track:

* The track is 3:46 long.
* Eminem’s verse is about a former relationship.
* Eminem’s verse comes in at the 2:13 mark to 3:19.
* Eminem apparently has a singing part in the track.
* The music video may have already been filmed for the track.
* The track comes out on October 13th, which is Friday the 13th.
* The artwork for the single can be seen here.

There is a rumor going around that this is one of the bar’s Eminem drops on the track:

“Your day begins at 8pm, you hit the ATM in my Mercedes Benz with all your lady friends (WHORES!)”

We will keep you updated as we receive details…