Have Drugs Ruined Eminem’s Looks?

Have Drugs Ruined Eminem’s Looks?

There are several news outlets claiming that drugs have ruined Eminem’s looks, comparing recent photos that were taken at the awards ceremony on Wednesday to photos of Eminem back to his Slim Shady LP.

What these clowns fail to mention is that Eminem is over the age of 40 now and the last time I checked, people do age. So to say that drugs was the major factor in his alterations to his much skinnier face is total bullshit. They also don’t take into consideration that Eminem has a very strict diet and likes to keep in shape and workout. You should see his demands for catering when on tour. Working out and eating right will definitely give your face a much slimmer look. So, to whomever started this bullshit, fuck you and get all the facts before you make these claims.

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  • yoliyu

    People jealousy is so bad, but like I always say. They can kiss his ass and eat his shit on the way. Or they can go to ride my bicycle in my middle finger looooool isn’t it Mr asshole

    • Steve Carrier

      Hell yeah