Eminem Admits That He Isn’t Proud of Some of His Albums

Eminem Admits That He Isn’t Proud of Some of His Albums

As previously reported, Eminem sat down for an interview with Elton John and discussed various topics. One point during the interview, Eminem admits there have been some misses in his discography.

“There are ups and downs,” Em told Elton. “I haven’t had a perfect career. I’ve put some albums out that, looking back, I’m not super proud of, but there’s also a lot of stuff that I am very proud of.”

Elton assured Eminem that putting out bad albums is “part of being an artist” and musicians “can’t write great stuff all the time” because if they did, they’d be “inhuman.”

Eminem agreed, adding, “You’re not going to hit it every single time, and that’s why, when I record an album, I do probably close to 50 songs. Each song I record has to get better. If it’s not better than the last song that I made, it’ll usually linger for a couple of months, and then it’ll be put on the backburner, and then there’ll be another song that I do, and then it often doesn’t make it on the album.”

You can check out the full interview here.

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