Eminem Explains Why He Went After Tyler the Creator

Eminem Explains Why He Went After Tyler the Creator

While speaking to Sway in part 3 of the Kamikaze interview, Eminem explained exactly why he went after Tyler the Creator and revealed the boiling point was his Tyler’s tweet about “Walk on Water.”

“So nah man, I liked him and Earl Sweatshirt gets in an interview after Tyler trashes and Earl Sweatshirt, everybody who listens to Eminem is drinking too much Mountain Dew and I was just like, “really?” Like what the fuck? You guys were just on tour with us. We hung out. We kicked it, make jokes.”

“But at a certain point in time, someone has their breaking point. So when Tyler tweeted out the thing about Walk on Water, “this fucking song is horrible”, I was like, “alright, I need to say something now because this is fucking stupid.”

“I’m not going be America’s punching bag and mother fuckers think it’s cool and safe to say whatever the fuck they want about me.”

You can listen to his remarks below.