Eminem REVIVAL Giveaway – DETAILS

Eminem REVIVAL Giveaway – DETAILS

Eminem News will be giving away a few copies of Eminem’s REVIVAL album once it drops on December 15th. It’s real simple to enter the contest. Here is how:

* Download our Eminem News mobile app for either iPhone or Android.

* Once downloaded, make sure push notifications are enabled.

* On December, 13th, December 14th and December 15th, we will send out a push notification with a code & phone number. You will text that code to the phone number supplied.

* The first couple of people who respond to the text will receive either a hard copy or digital copy of Eminem’s Revival. It will be your choice.

Depending on how many app downloads we get is how many copies of REVIVAL we will be giving out. The more app downloads, the more free stuff we will be giving out. So please HELP spread the word and share.

We also plan on doing merchandise giveaways as well, so you might want to hold onto the app.