Did Eminem Run a Subliminal “Stan” Advertisement During SNL?

Did Eminem Run a Subliminal “Stan” Advertisement During SNL?

During last night’s broadcast of Saturday Night Live that featured Eminem and Skylar Grey, the network ran a commercial for “Gateway Health.” This got many people talking as the advertisement focused on the bus driver named “Stan.”

In the commercial the man says his “eyes aren’t good” and his wife responded, “Stan takes good care of us.” Dido’s chorus in “Stan” says “and I can’t see at all.”

This may or may not be Eminem related. The timing of the commercial, Eminem’s performance of “Stan” on SNL and the recent release of new Stan merchandise is very ironic. When googling “Gateway Health”, two different websites come up in the listing, with one being created and last updated earlier this month.

We will keep you updated if we find any more information or clues that link Stan and Gateway Health with Eminem.

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