Eminem’s Former Bodyguard Says Em’ Would Be In Jail If He Was Black

Eminem’s Former Bodyguard Says Em’ Would Be In Jail If He Was Black

While speaking with Murder Master Music Show, Eminem’s former bodyguard Big Naz discussed Eminem’s “The Storm” freestyle and how he fears Em is now in danger.

“It was dope but my question is did you and your people talk this over beforehand,” said the former bodyguard. “It’s one thing when you go against an emcee but we are talking about going against the Government. When he told the Trump fan’s that yall gotta decide and then he threw up the black power first. That was powerful and somebody needed to say it but his bodyguards got their work cut out for them.”

He continued, “If Eminem was Black he would have had secret service at his house and been arrested! Why is it when you have Black leaders, politicians and athletes who say the same thing that Eminem just said but don’t get the same notoriety? Is Eminem now the black leader of black people? Had Eminem had been black and said that he probably would have been arrested. In the past when Black Men speak up when they got that platform like Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, they get sniped!

Big Naz then compared Eminem to Donald Trump and accused them of being the same while also accusing Eminem of being racist.

“Racist Rapper “Eminem is Donald Trump. Any time he does anything controversial an album will drop. I have the issue of the Source in my hands now I’m actually featured in that issue. It talks about the whole Benzino beef. It was called Racist Rap! He dropped the N-Bomb, Porch Monkey, and Moon Crickets, that’s a new one! You had alotta people come out and speak about it. And history repeats itself because Eminem is technically Donald Trump. It was genius because anytime he does anything controversial he will have an album drop. It’s almost like they set it up like a campaign against Trump. Eminem became the bully in the room but Trump is not an emcee that’s the Government. I just wonder what the repercussions will be.”

Big Naz then discussed the repercussions of going at Trump.

“You are walking on egg shells at that point, but what if it was pre-orchestrated? I went on twitter and have been reading these posts from White America with people saying stuff like “Eminem you are a piece of shit”, “I’ll never buy your records again” “Fucking Die!” It’s almost like the white fans look at him like a n-gger now! Some of these people are taking this too far and I can tell that some of the people who were saying this stuff were the same type who were carrying those tiki torches in Charlottesville”

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