Eminem’s Wembley Performances to Be Available on DVD?

Eminem’s Wembley Performances to Be Available on DVD?

There are rumors circulating online that Eminem’s performances at Wembley will be released on DVD and also contain a documentary portion. As of this writing those rumors are not confirmed.

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  • Aran Kemal

    I was in the front row at Wembley on the 11th and out of every concert I have ever been to this was the greatest, get this out on DVD asap it will sell out for sure!!

  • David Rowlands

    I was in the front row of the Wembley concert on Friday 11th. The camera crew told me that they were filming the concert for DVD and watching them I noticed that their feed didn’t appear on the screens in the stadium. We also had to sign a form giving our permission for the footage to be used in broadcast.

    PS Thanks for publishing a photo with me in! 🙂 LOL

    • Francesco

      are you serious?

    • vishal

      Well, you’re so lukcy that you were there. I’m just hoping and praying one day EMINEM will come India.!!
      Now, why they need your sign to broadcast footage..?
      Any idea about RECOVERY TOUR BLU RAY DVD

  • Ian

    I was at wembley watching eminem I would like to buy DVD can u tell me when it’s available please

  • wahid

    we want to see on DVD.I wasnt in wembley concert.

  • kevin coxon

    I signed a form after being filmed on the way into the gig and was told id be on the official dvd so fingers crossed 😉

  • G Man

    history in the making, if there isn’t a dvd of the opening concert on the 11th. I will be a very unhappy chappy… there must and has to be a dvd of this. it has all ready re wrote the history books as the 1st rapper to sell out Wembley. now allow us to watch it in dvd quality time an time again. I’ve seen it all but this has to be the best concert I have ever been to….

  • lenny

    I am a big fan of Eminem. my uncle and stepdad have been to see him. I would love to see this out on DVD, would definitely sell out.

  • Bohica

    Was this ever put on DVD? As I was there and would love a copy!