Fun Fact About Eminem’s Father

Fun Fact About Eminem’s Father

Eminem’s dad is now a factory worker in San Diego & he tried to contact him after he found out he was famous.

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  • Irma

    that does not surprise me. Did Em ever respond? Maybe a fuckyou or at least the finger. Some dads are just sperm donors

    • Al

      Maybe so but in some cases men leave as a result of the mother more so than the kid. I can’t say if this is the case w/ him but so I’ll refrain from passing judgement.

      • Nunya Beezwax

        its almost always the mother

    • Nunya Beezwax

      em said he didn’t understand how his dad could just leave him and not look back until he was famous

    • John

      Actually his father wrote him a letter where he explains how his ex-wife (Eminem’s mother) took him away with all their stuff when Eminem was a baby. And then fed Eminem lies all his life.

  • David Diego

    My kid was taken from me by his mother. I took her to court… no excuses!!! You never quit for your kids period.