Information on Eminem’s Body Double Used for Appearances

Information on Eminem’s Body Double Used for Appearances

During a recent interview, Emerg McVay from Bionic Jive talked about touring with Eminem for the Anger Management tour and revealed that Eminem had a body double who looked and dressed looked like him. While his name was Ryan, they referred to him as “Partial Mathers.”

“Eminem had body double [at Anger Management tour]. He had the guy who looked like just like him. This guy was instructed to wear everything that Eminem wore, at any time of the day. He had same tattoos. He had same exact jewelry, bracelet, necklace. Everything. His name was Ryan and we used to call him Partial Mathers.”

After hearing about “Ryan”, we decided to look him up to see if the stories match. They do. His name is Ryan Shepard and he’s on Linkedin. Ryan worked for Shady Records between 2001 and 2004 and he made the following appearances:

2001-2005 Music Videos – Stand In, Photo Double, Stunt Double
2002 MTV Movie Awards-“Rap Boy”
2002 Anger Managment Tour (US) – Stunt Double
2003 Anger Management Tours (Japan & Europe) – Stunt Double

In addition to those appearances, he would often appear at parties as Eminem. Here is a photo of Ryan and Eminem together: