Internet Trolls Blast Eminem’s Childhood Appearance

Internet Trolls Blast Eminem’s Childhood Appearance

Complex shared the below photo of Eminem as a child — and immediately, trolls flooded the magazine’s feed with ignorant comments.

As many of our readers are aware, Eminem grew up in Detroit and had a rough childhood. This photo gives fans a glimpse at a happier Mathers, but haters were able to turn a positive, adorable snapshot into something negative. Trolls blasted Eminem’s childhood appearance, claiming he looked like a “school shooter” in the making. Here are a couple of things these f^$#ing trolls said:

bpotthoff8 wrote, “School Shooter”

x.v.xvii wrote, “Literally Chucky”

zachbrownlyfe wrote, “Thought this was Emma Stone for a sec.”

sumeezy wrote, “Looking like coconut head from Ned’s declassified”

You can see those mother f&^%’ers comments at this link.