iTunes’ Review for Eminem’s REVIVAL

iTunes’ Review for Eminem’s REVIVAL

iTunes wrote the following review for Eminem’s REVIVAL track that is scheduled to officially be released tomorrow:

““Do you still believe in me?” Eminem raps on “Believe”, the second song on his ninth LP, Vulnerability and humanity aren’t typical traits for the Detroit legend, but every layer of Marshall Mathers is explored across Revival‘s 19 tracks. The political, patriotic “Like Home (feat. Alicia Keys)” takes merciless aim at Donald Trump and “Untouchable is multi-character attack on bigotry and white privilege.

“Framed” and “Heat” are violent and controversial enough to appease those pining after Slim Shady, while “Bad Husband” and “Castle” are soul-baringly sentimental. Whichever Eminem is your favorite one thing remains clear: the dexterously gifted rapper hasn’t lost an ounce of skill in terms of agility and wit. Delivered at lightening speed atop a bevy of production styles – from Trap minimalism to Joan Jett and The Cranberries samples – Revival proves once and for all: yes, we still believe in Eminem.”

We are giving away a copy of REVIVAL today. You can find out more details here on how to enter to win.

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