James Larese Explains Why MMLP2 Won’t Leak Before November 5th

James Larese Explains Why MMLP2 Won’t Leak Before November 5th

As noted earlier, Eminem’s highly-anticipated record MMLP2 will release on November 5th, 2013 and fans are very anxious for the album to leak online, like every other album released this year. However, according to James Larese of Syndrome Stuido, that probably won’t happen with the MMLP2.

Twitter fans are hopeful for a “Marshall Mathers LP 2” leak weeks before the official release date:

@Samleejean: “Ten bucks to the first person that can leak Eminem’s new album. #impatient.”
@Adam_Lees: “Now that Drake’s done, I need that ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’ to leak a month early.”
@j0hn_nin0: “just patiently waitin for this marshall mathers 2 album to leak…”
@duckandpebbles: “@Eminem leak just one more song from MMLP2…”

Meanwhile, several other fans are willing to wait:

@EM__80: “there aint no way #MMLP2 can leak eminem keeps his music a secret.”
@Sincityheat00: “Wish Eminem would drop MMLP2 already. He’s just putting small touches on it and hopefully it doesn’t leak before it comes out.”
@bobby_delfin: “Please don’t let ‘ Marshall MAthers LP 2’ leak… Please.. @Eminem #Nov5.”

And according to Syndrome Studio’s James Larese, November 5 means November 5:


Eminem reportedly has total control over his own work, so he’ll release music whenever he wants to, and if that means fans have to wait until November, we’ll see. For those that don’t know, Syndrome has helped release several of Eminem music videos in the past.