Jay Z Says Eminem Is the Most Overrated Rapper of All-Time

Jay Z Says Eminem Is the Most Overrated Rapper of All-Time

In a recent interview with Music One, Jay-Z was asked about the current state of music and how he felt about many of today’s most popular artist.

When speaking about Eminem, the Brooklyn rapper labeled the Detroit native the most overrated rapper of all-time. “I don’t really understand the appeal of dude,” Jay-Z said of Eminem. “He dropped a few hot verses back in the day, but he’s been mad average for many years now. He is probably the most overrated rapper of all-time, but he did really well targeting his audience. He is a genius in that sense, but in the bigger scheme of things, there are a million rappers who were and are lightyears ahead of him.”

Jay also spoke about Eminem’s album sales, saying it is a travesty that he is the highest-selling rapper of all-time. “When you really think about it, it’s ridiculous that Em has outsold so many rappers with real talent. 2Pac, Nas, Big, Kanye, and myself would rap circles around him. I am not trying to take away from his talent, but in all reality, he is catalogue can’t match mine.”

“The last hot verse he did was on my track,” Jay-Z said, alluding to Eminem’s verse on Renegade.

Eminem is not only the best selling rapper of all-time, but he also the second best selling individual male artist, falling behind only Garth Brooks. His cumulative album sales have grown to 44.91 million (in the Soundscan era), and continue to swell.

All-Time Top Selling Artist
Garth – 69.52 million.
The Beatles – 65.55 million
Metallica – 54.26 million
Mariah Carey – 54.24 million
Celine Dion – 52.21 million