Jessica Alba Talks About Meeting Eminem

Jessica Alba Talks About Meeting Eminem

Jessica Alba, the Sexiest Women of the World 2007, has recently set down with Sway in the Morning where she talked about meeting Eminem for the first time.

“He’s so cute, I remember back in the day, I was in Miami and he was working out and I was working out and it was the first time I really ever met him and it was like ‘Me and him,’ I was already in the ‘song,’ and it was soo… I didn’t know what to say it was very awkward but I do like him and his music too, he’s really good lyricist. When I met him it was like ‘Hiii.’ I’m so awkward in person.”

As you might know Eminem made joke on Jessica in couple of his songs:

“Yesterday Kuniva tried to pull a knife on me
‘Cause I told him Jessica Alba’s my wife to be” – My Band (2004)

“Man, Cash, I don’t mean to mess with your gal, but
Jessica Alba put her breasts on my mouth (blup!)” – We Made You (2009)

“Nah, F with Christina, I ain’t fucking with either Jessica neither
Simpson or Alba, my albums just sicker than strep with the fever”- Evil Twin (2013)

You can listen to the full new interview below. Talking about Eminem starts at 9:14: