Kanye West Says Drugs & Laziness Stifled Eminem’s Career

Kanye West Says Drugs & Laziness Stifled Eminem’s Career

Jay-Z recently shook up the world of rap when he labeled Eminem the most overrated rapper of all-time. “I don’t really understand the appeal of dude,” Jay-Z said of Eminem. “He dropped a few hot verses back in the day, but he’s been mad average for many years now. He is probably the most overrated rapper of all-time, but he did really well targeting his audience. He is a genius in that sense, but in the bigger scheme of things, there are a million rappers who were and are lightyears ahead of him.”

Kanye West, who frequently collaborates with Jay-Z, echoed the sentiments of the “On The Run” rapper.

When asked about his opinion of Jay-Z’s comments on Eminem, Mr. West stated Eminem was not on his top 5 list and he also greatly benefits from his race. “Em is a good rapper, but he hasn’t made an impact in a long time. I think his gimmick finally wore off and people are starting to see through him. He could’ve been one of the greatest ever, but he let drugs and laziness get in the way. He should be a rap God, but I wouldn’t even put him in my top 5 — at least not with what he has accomplished so far.”

“Honestly, if he were black, his sales wouldn’t be anywhere near what they are. He continues to put out mediocre projects and these muppets keep buying them anyway. Jay-Z just spoke the truth, but people don’t really like to hear that. I try to keep my opinion about stuff like this to myself, because I know how the people will run with it.”

In April of this year, Eminem spoke about nearly dissing Kanye West. “For that time period when I was away, I was watching what was going on in the game — anything that was hot at that moment, anybody that was really killing s–t. I felt so bad about myself and the music that I was creating, I felt I was starting to turn into a hater. Singling Kanye and Wayne out at that time period, they were the ones killing it the most to me and it hurt. I’d pop a CD in and be like, ‘F–k, man, I’m not doing this no more.’”

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  • Gavin

    Kanye Kardashian hasn’t been good… ever (just my opinion). Can’t say anything about Jay Z, but Kanye shouldn’t be talking bad about Eminem.

  • kim

    This is very rich coming from Mr Kim Kardashian who has not realsed a good single for years

  • yoliyu

    really people have to stop doing so much mental wanking and they can kiss em ass and on the way eat his shit. my asshole can eat anyone brain for breakfast. They have stop taking so much shit. xxxx

  • Shauna

    Jay z you a sorry ass has been. Do what you do best and go eat you fat ass. I thinks it’s funny you scurred of a white dude. He can rap circles around you and def Kanye. Kanye raps are like a kindergartner lol thanks for proving what a punk ass bitch I have always known you were! Hahaha

  • Paula

    I guess I’m a Muppet.

  • cadub1

    Please take off the information with jay Z and Kanye : IT S FAKE !
    For a fan page it s not glorious!!