Monster Tour DVD Update

Monster Tour DVD Update

It was rumored last month that a Monster Tour DVD would be possibly being released. Those rumors are no longer rumors, and we can now confirm that there will in fact be a Monster Tour DVD. We do not have any details yet on when the release will be, but we will keep you posted.

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  • Arabo Moradian

    please let me know if there will be different DVD’s for each show! if not I really want to know when the DVD itself will come out. Thank yoU!

  • martin benson

    would love to know if and when a wembley or maybe a monster tour dvd release date also if any europe concert dates been announced soon
    thank you

  • Karin h

    Any news on a Monster tour DVD? I had the Best tickets for MetLife stadium NJ on Aug. 16th. and then two days before the concert I got ill. I’m still so sad to have missed it. I just want to watch the entire concert

  • Joe

    I was at Detroit Comerica Park and literally tripped over the camera man, but saved him. I just want to know when the release is, because I might be on it.

    Thanks Joe

  • Michael

    If any place the dvd would take place on it would be at comarica cuz he did alot more songs and also it is his home town or city and he did the als ice bucket chalenge the concert in deitort was the best

  • Sarah

    Any news on the release date? Would make an awesome Christmas fan for the biggest Eminem fan I know north of the border!

  • Ryan Lepper

    I think they should have all of the concerts including the one I was at on Aug 17th at Metlife

  • Ashley

    is there any more news on the DvD i was there in detroit and I’d love to get a dvd

  • emily

    Any more news on this? I went to the one on Aug 17th and had front row seats I hope I’ll be in it lol

  • Michelle Lord

    Update is Monstertour coming DVD