NASCAR Fans Pissed Off Over New Eminem Rap Lyrics

NASCAR Fans Pissed Off Over New Eminem Rap Lyrics

The following article comes from Beyond the Flag:

NASCAR fans like most sports fans tend to be a pretty passionate group of people. This week NASCAR fans seem to be focusing that passion in the direction of rapper Eminem. NASCAR fans and more specifically Tony Stewart fans, have taken offense to Eminem mentioning the three-time NASCAR champion in one of his raps.

Eminem who is hailed as one of the most-talented rappers in the game recently released a video of himself doing a freestyle rap. The video features a cypher to back up the release of Shady Records’ fifteenth anniversary compilation album ‘Shady XV’ which is due out later in the month. Around the 6:00 mark in the video Eminem makes reference to Stewart and the accident that took place this summer in Upstate New York. Please note that the below video does contain inappropriate language.

Been known to lose it though, so if I overdo it, you drove me too it. When I step into the vocal booth like I’m supposed to do I’ma murder you on a [expletive] track like Tony Stewart.

Earlier this year Stewart was cleared of any wrongdoing in regards to the role that he played in the death of Kevin Ward Jr. on that dirt track in New York. The use of Stewart in the rap has a lot of NASCAR fans petitioning to have the video removed from YouTube and other websites. Supporters of Stewart have taken to social media as well as in an effort to show their disapproval of the lyric as well as in an effort to have the video taken down.

Eminem has always been known for the controversial topics that he covers in his raps. In fact, Stewart isn’t even the only artist that he mentions in the above video. Eminem also takes a shot at Lebron James and his move to Miami and then from Miami. The rap also touched on Ray Rice and mentions him hitting his then fiancé in an elevator.

What is your take on the inclusion of Stewart in Eminem’s rap? Is it freedom of expression or has a line been crossed? Be sure to comment below to let us know what you think.