Phresher Reveals Details About Eminem’s “Chloraseptic” REVIVAL Track

Phresher Reveals Details About Eminem’s “Chloraseptic” REVIVAL Track

It was revealed in the track listing for Eminem’s REVIVAL album that fellow artist Phresher will be featured on the track “Chloraseptic”.

Complex got a chance to talk to the rapper about working with Eminem. Here are some highlights:

When he first met Eminem: It was crazy. They actually flew in from Detroit to New York, and they were here for just eight hours. I forgot the studio we was in, but they just flew in to do the record. This was at least two months ago.

When I first heard that he wanted me on the project, I was astonished. I didn’t believe anything until they actually flew in and recorded the record. That’s when I was like, “Oh! This is real.” It was about two months ago, three the most. That was just amazing, man. We met in the studio. That was just crazy.

On who reached out to him from the Shady Camp: Actually, Paul Rosenberg had made the call. He emailed and called my manager like, “Hey, Eminem wants Phresher on the project.” [Laughs.]

If Eminem’s ever heard of his music before: Yeah, Eminem heard “Wait a Minute.” That’s what made him say “Yeah, I want this kid on the album, man.”

The vibe working with Eminem: It was easy. He was pretty much like, “Yo, listen, this is the hook. I want you to lay this down right here.” It was easy. And then I started to add my own twist and that’s when it got real in there. I started harmonizing under the vocals and he was like, “Oh, nah, no. Hold on. Oh man!” He just got super excited. The whole Shady team was just excited.

Eminem is my favorite rapper. I know he didn’t believe me when I told him but I was just so astonished. This was my moment to shine. I did what he wanted me to do but I just put the PH on top of the extra sauce. And when I put the extra sauce, that’s when he was really going crazy. It was amazing.

If his track is just a hook or verse: I got a verse too, but I don’t know if the verse is on the album. I’m hearing it’s going to be a remix kind of vibe, but I have a verse and I have a hook. The hook for sure is there right now.

What is the track about: The record is about just spitting, man. Just going off, you get what I’m saying? Just cutthroat, at your throat music. Like, I’m on you, you know what I’m saying? Real right-at-you music. It’s just awesome, man. Eminem went crazy on it.

His conversations in the studio: I was trying to tell him he was my favorite rapper. But I know that’s so cliché. He was giving me so much props. I was like, “Nah, I don’t want to talk about me. I’m trying to tell you how I feel about you.” He was just telling me how he felt about me. I was just honored to hear how much he respected what I was doing. I was bugging.

He was like, “I heard the whole [Wait a Minute] EP.” I was like, “What?” That’s when I got upset. I’m like, “Aw, he heard the EP? I got way better music now.” He was like, “Listen man, when you do the project, before you drop it, send it to me.” I was like, “Aight, cool. Definitely gonna do that.” He’s about to get that in like two weeks.

The emotions on the track: Yeah, it’s raw as fuck, man. The emotions is just turnt up. It’s a turnt up record. It’s raw. That’s the perfect word for it. Eminem going off. The hook is just [crazy]. We going off. It’s at your throat like Chloraseptic.

If he heard the song before the session: Nah, I didn’t hear the record until I got there. I had to go right off the feel, but I was so excited. There was no bigger moment in my life than that moment. I was on Cloud 9 in there.

Who produced the track: Shady’s in-house producer, Denaun Porter.

How does it feel to work with the biggest rapper in the world: It’s amazing. I keep saying that God is good, and I really appreciate Eminem for believing in me. He could have had any feature in the world, and he chose me. It’s an honor. Right now, my phone blowing up, my IG, everything is blowing up. Emails, everything. I’m just blessed. I feel really blessed at this moment.