Rapper Claims Eminem Stole His Sample for “Rap God” Track

Rapper Claims Eminem Stole His Sample for “Rap God” Track

TMZ published the following article in regards to Eminem ripping off the “Rap God” track from a rapper named Raymond Jones:

Eminem is NOT a rap God … according to a MC who claims Marshall Mathers sampled his song “Lookin Boy” without permission — and now he wants MILLIONS.

Raymond Jones — a rapper from the group Hotstylz — is suing Em and his record label for $8 million over the song “Rap God” … which he says features a 25 second sample mid-track.

If you listen to the songs — the music in question does sound strangely similar.

After listening to booth tracks, these guys are really reaching. I highly doubt this lawsuit will see the light of day.

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  • yoliyu

    People don’t know what shit to say anymore. Jealousy is so bad and people don’t know what to do for the money. And I don’t know what them boys chat about it , it’s not even the same. My dear friend Marshall my father Lord bless you and protect you .love and respect.