Rumor on Eminem’s Album Release Date

Rumor on Eminem’s Album Release Date

There is a rumor going around via Hits Double Daily that Eminem is slated to drop his album on November 17th.

We are still waiting to confirm the authenticity of these claims. Right now it seems very unlikely that Eminem would be dropping an album that soon, especially without a single hitting the airwaves. While he does have the “Revenge” track hitting airwaves this Friday, that song is for the Pink album and not Eminem’s.

It should also be noted that Mr. Porter claimed that the album was done but then later revealed to fans that he was only trolling.

Right now we can only confirm that Dre was in the studio with Eminem a few months back. He’s worked with several artistes including 2 Chainz. No official title or release date has been released by Aftermath/Shady Records.

On a more interesting note, if Eminem does drop an album on November 17th, it would be only a week after Taylor Swift’s album drops. This would probably piss of The Swift camp, as Eminem would sure overshadow anything that comes out for the next several months in terms of sales and play on the airwaves.

We will keep you updated if we hear anything new regarding these rumors.