Speculation on Eminem Dropping More Music In 2018

Speculation on Eminem Dropping More Music In 2018

As noted earlier today, Eminem dropped the remix of his Chloraseptic track that features 2 Chainz and Phresher.

On Eminem’s verse, which was obviously recorded after REVIVAL dropped, he teased new music could be coming and many are now speculating that he could be working on new material, especially after all the negative feedback he’s received at the end of 2017.

Eminem rapped the following in the closing verse:

“Revival’s wack, I don’t like the “Zombie” track
Or when he’s talking that garbage like hotter crap
Where’s your content at? What’s with all the conscious rap?
P!nk, Beyoncé this and Kehlani that “yeah”
I just added to the fuel in my rocket pack
Til I’m ready to respond, then I’ma launch it at ’em
Idiotic from the f—–g embryonic sac
To the bodybag, I’ll be back
And when I am, I’ll be at your f—–g throat like chloraseptic”

Eminem’s “I’ll be back” remark and teasing that he’s going to respond to the haters has got a lot of people talking. We will keep you updated if anything comes are way regarding new tracks.