Speculation of REVIVAL Being Eminem’s Last Album

Speculation of REVIVAL Being Eminem’s Last Album

As previously reported, Eminem’s REVIVAL track leaked online yesterday and there was a lot of confusion among fans who downloaded the album and listened to the last track on the album titled, “Arose.”

In the track, Eminem talks about “rewinding” time and raps about the night where he almost died back in 2007 from a drug overdose. A lot of individuals were confused when he raped the following, which hinted that this was his last album:

“I’ll put out this last album, then I’m done with it, One hundred percent finished, fed up with it, I’m hanging it up, fuck it”

In that verse, Eminem is referring to the time after he almost died from the overdose and he was contemplating calling it quits. There were rumors and news outlets covering the story because at one point he did want to quit, but he’s talking “past-tense” in this line here.

So to sum it up, no he didn’t rap that REVIVAL is his last album….

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